2018 Key Programs

Hosted by :THE HUS.institute

-2018 September, THE HUS.institute has tightened the network and friendship with MIT Solve, New York, USA

-2018 September, Rudi attends the United Nations General Assembly in New York, USA

-2018 September, THE HUS.pop up at The Conference in Mälmo, Sweden

-2018 July, THE HUS.institute attended the Nexus Summit in New York, USA

-2018 July, Christopher & Rudi took on a fact-finding mission to South Africa to explore the Sustainability Institute of the Stellenbosch University and cooperation possibilities with the Lynedoch Eco Village.

-2018 May, Rudi Hilti attended the yearly conference of MIT Solve in Boston, USA

-2018 April, Rudi Hilti joined in the name of THE HUS.institute, the TED talks in Vancouver, Canada

-2018 April, Meta Marathon 2018 directed by Christopher in Dusseldorf, Germany

-2018 March, THE HUS.institute hosted several guests, such as Klaus Hommels (Lakestar), Daniel Risch (Liechtenstein Government), Marc Chesney (University of Zurich) for discussions about the future, Vaduz, Liechtenstein.

-2018 March, Exploration of Sustainability! Rethinking digital citizenship, China’s challenges and cleantech with international students during the 2018 World Business Dialogue at Wertheim, in Cologne

-2018 February, THE HUS.institute accompanied MIT City Science in Hamburg to discuss the future of cities.