Meet Team Member, Anke


Anke has worked in leading positions in the media industry for over 20 years. She knows both sides: the influence of the media and the influence on media. As a “contemporary witness” of media change, she knows what happens when companies can’t handle change.

She is a witness of the struggle of humans in dealing with increasing levels of complexity and therefore believes: We need to change the way we change. More specifically, we need to question our own way of thinking by bringing non-conventional thinking into traditional settings. 

Her passion is art since art presents reality in a way that may change the perspective how we perceive the world.

Arts & Music  

Innovation & Education

Society & Policy

Head of Programs at The System Change Foundation and THE

Hamburg – Zurich 

Her approach to trigger change by involving passion displays the necessity to understand the paradoxes – the irrational yet somehow predictable human side of change. Purpose breeds passion and passion breeds success.