Creating Sustainable Systems

An impact retreat for the whole family in the picturesque region of Caux, Switzerland.

Dear Friend, 

We are delighted to invite you and your family to our annual Caux Dialogue on Environment and Security taking place July 16-18th 2022 at Caux Palace, Caux, Switzerland. 

Initiatives for Land, Lives and Peace, a program of the Initiatives of Change International organizes the Dialogue in collaboration with The System Change Foundation, THE HUS, United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), International Union for Conservation of Nature and Vlinder. We are joined by policy makers, experts, business leaders, NGO workers, activists, entrepreneurs, farmers and students to promote essential dialogue on land, sustainability, climate change, fair financial systems and human security. The Dialogue also focuses on decentralized systems, regeneration finance and impact investing.

The world stands at the most crucial point in its history. Ongoing conflicts, food security challenges and economic crises are overshadowed by the global climate crisis humanity faces. With 75 years of experience in building trust at all levels of society, in over 40 countries, we are uniquely positioned to respond to this challenge.

The System Change Foundation envisions the future triggering best behaviour through sustainable incentives and autonomous systems. Great potential lies in new organizational forms and in creating new self-sustaining marketplaces with a similar efficiency to how we manage data today. Instead of suggesting its own solutions, The System Change Foundation brings likeminded individuals and organizations together to envision new bias-free realities. 

Building and nurturing people and dialogue has always been the core value of CDES. Unlike any other, our programme is built around a rich, diverse and inclusive forum that has been proven to create deep and lasting connections, effective knowledge transference, idea maturation and collaboration. We encourage you to bring ideas, insights and an open mind to the Caux Palace on the mountain overlooking Lake Geneva – the ideal setting to inspire discussions on securing a peaceful, sustainable future for our planet.

The forum has been created as a weekend retreat within the historic Caux Palace. We invite like minded humans to come together in support of the Initiatives for Land, Lives and Peace Foundation and their ongoing work.

We look forward to meeting you, engaging with new ideas and becoming inspired in tackling the most pressing challenges of our generation! 


Steering Committee of Caux Dialogue on Environment & Security and The Hus


Dr. Irina Fedorenko-Aula is an academic and a serial green tech entrepreneur working on nature-based solutions. She is a member of the steering group at Initiatives of land lives and peace. Irina co-founded the first tree-planting drone company Dendra Systems. This work took Irina to Myanmar and across Asia where she developed tree-planting projects. Irina is an expert on carbon sequestration, having obtained a Ph.D. from Oxford.

Rudi Hilti is a purpose-driven entrepreneur and visionary. He manages his investment company RHEINEST Establishment and is building up THE COMBINATOR AG, an accelerator convinced that sustainable companies are the new high-margin growth markets. Rudi is represented on the Board of Directors and Protectors in several companies and institutions.

Dr. Lauren Fletcher is a serial entrepreneur and the inventor of Tree Planting Drone technology. He has 20+ years of experience as an Engineer and Scientist for NASA and Lockheed Martin across Space Shuttle, International Space Station, and Mars exploration programs. He is the founding faculty of Singularity University and a member of the steering group at Initiatives of land lives and peace. He is on the Board of Trustees for the Desert Research Institute (Nevada). His newest initiatives focus on re-aligning global supply chains to lower deforestation rates by reducing the amount of wood-based materials in consumer products.

Kumardev is a serial tech innovator, founder, investor & author. He is a World Economic Forum appointed expert on Entrepreneurship, Forbes Technology Council Official Member, and European Commission appointed Expert on Technology & Innovation. His areas of expertise include Metaverses, AI, Crypto, NFTs & Digital Assets, Autonomous Drones & Robotics, 5G, Industry 4.0 & Smart Cities.

Dr. Sergey Ivliev is an IT and financial risk management professional, serial fintech entrepreneur, and blockchain visionary. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics, and he is also a lecturer and a researcher. Sergey co-founded Lykke, a Swiss crypto exchange, and led the team which tokenized the world’s first impact asset – the TREE coin.

Stenver, is an entrepreneur and decentralization activist leading disruption in sustainability and blockchain. He is the Chief Blockchain Officer of eAgronom which he co-founded in 2016 and an adviser to many other companies on the crypto world. Stenver was the Vice President of the Estonian Founders Society.

Dr. Mark Turrell is a strategist, author, university professor and entrepreneur. His work combines collective intelligence with AI, networks, complex systems, behavioral science and neuroscience. He works at the intersection of business, technology and society in areas including innovation, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Mark is the CEO and founder of Vork, a business social networking app. He also founded Orcasci, a consulting firm designing scaling strategies.

Dr. Martin Frick has been a diplomat since 1996. Currently, he is Director at the United Nations’ World Food Programme. He previously served as the Representative of Germany to the International Organizations in-country, including the Secretariats of the UN Convention to Combat Climate Change (UNFCCC), and the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). Dr. Frick led E3G’s – Third Generation Environmentalists, a leading climate change think tank – climate diplomacy work. He served as the German representative for human rights and humanitarian affairs at the United Nations General Assembly from 2005 to 2007.

Elizabeth Kucinich is a regenerative systems advisor and global partnerships, organizational development, communications and public policy professional. She works with domestic and international organizations, businesses and government to strengthen those who work to bring social, economic, health, agricultural and ecological systems into balance. Elizabeth is a co-founder of nextgenAir USA. She is also leading Industry & Government Relations for MyLand Agriculture, a soil health company.

Christy Ana is co-founder of ACT Ventures Consulting Group specializing in Web3 Venture Building, Market Execution and Guerrilla Growth Strategies. Her clients span various industries including Web 3.0, Fintech, and cybersecurity amongst others. She is currently transitioning ACTx (go-to-market Web3 launch team) into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. She has a strong passion for contributing to cross-cultural understanding and is a fluent speaker of 4+ languages. An enthusiast of the arts, she is also a founding member of Artnode Vault, a philanthropic art collective.

Leo Caprez is co-founder and CEO of Brainforest, the venture studio for forest and climate that he started out of WWF. Before serving at WWF and its Corporate Relations team, Leo was co-founder of Viaduct Ventures, an impact investing initiative. Earlier in his 10+ years in sustainability, Leo served as CFO of Impact Hub Zürich, as Director at the Impact Pledge Foundation; as Associate Director at Impact Economy Ltd and as Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at the Mammut Sports Group Ltd.

Amandeep is an innovator, technologist, and consultant. He is a Forbes Technology Council official member, ex-CTO in the Danish Fintech scene, and founder of Nerd9 – a group primarily focused on hosting and arranging discussions around Sustainable Technology & Society at large. His areas of expertise include Fintech, Data Architectures, Smart Cities integrations, and mentoring different startups in the Web3 space.

Julian is Co-Founder, Chairman, Partner & CFO at Toucan Protocol applying Web 3 solutions to the socio-economic problem that underlies the climate and nature crisis. Previously he managed Strategy & Digitalization at South Pole and served as Executive Director at ixo Foundation.


In order to create real impact, this event is asking its attendees to donate to the Initiatives for Land, Lives and Peace Foundation. Our event will run a 2 night, fully-catered for programme, which involves accommodation, catered meals and a 2 day programme of Dialogue groups, Panel Discussions, Open Mics and curated social programme, starting on the evening of the 16th of July until the end of day on the 18th. 

To create impact with our work, we are covering the costs of the programme with an intention of inspiring and growing a network of thinkers and doers. We hope to call many of you partners or community members in the future.

We view money as an energy exchange that can make change happen. A minimum donation of CHF 600 is required to cover the cost of hosting each person attending the forum for 2 nights and 2 days. This includes all meals and accommodation within the CAUX palace and access to the forum on July 17th and July 18th. Please note, there will be a few other options for attendees, too. 

Ready to regsister? We will need all registrations completed by July 12th. 

If you will be bringing family, please register each person individually through the form below. Please make sure to use the email address for the person responsible for each donation. Our team will then reach out with your payment link to finalise payment before the forum. 

Thank you for supporting the work that we do! 

We look forward to a weekend of igniting necessary change and a shift in mindset!