Diplomatic World 54, 19.10.17 - RF

Julia Prettl — 29 years old, CEO to THE COMBINATOR Inc. and Member of the board to the Prettl family foundation, head of the Prettl ImmoOffice, lawyer and responsible optimist — shares some thoughts with us during a ride on an electric car through the Principality of Liechtenstein. THE HUS.institute’s CEO and co-founder, Christopher P. Peterka, interviewed the young leader for Diplomatic World.

Please can anybody explain to me why nowadays it’s the ultimate goal for companies to be able to eternally grow – exponentially, of course, without any sustainability in mind? There is not one example – neither in nature nor in economic history – that proofs exponential growth without sustainability to be a successful, economic model. If companies think they have to sell more products, they present their marketing tricks to consumers, suggesting that they consume more to make them happy. But salaries are not rising fast enough for all the consumption expected of us, so companies make their products cheaper and cheaper; they make smaller margins, so they have to sell even more products to make the same or better profits. In the end it leads to a vicious cycle when companies think they have to substitute the raw materials or expand to countries with less worker protection regulations, for example.”

Read the full interview of the two bright minds here.

Julia talks about the holy cow she would slaugther, about diversity, female leadership and the need for circular economy to be the new standard. With her new task as the CEO to THE COMBINATOR she wants to foster holistically sustainable and circular economy based companies.


The Combinator is a for-profit catalyst for business growth and impact investment. The Combinator targets a business mindset that is driven by personality rather than ego, sustainable engagement rather than exit focus and follows the 17 SDG by the United Nations. For hand-selected, innovative and senseful companies it offers access to a highly diverse and impactful network of families providing access to distribution, sales, production, operational mentoring, talent and cash, if necessary. The Combinator is backed by family offices and a tank of experts for a wide range of operational expertise pools such as digitization, production, distribution, sales etc. to tap into. The business model offers three alternatives depending on the intensity of our engagement: equity participation, revenue share or fixed fees. This cooperation is not about cashing out, it’s about bringing circular economy and sustainability one step further.