Roundtable(s) 1, focusing on Education, led by minds at HSG, discuss the role of education in global development.

 With practice and belief in nurturing individuality, HSG explore the shift from mass-producing leaders for the status-quo to the curation of learning communities grounded on peer-to-peer learning, empowerment, and self-reflection.  

Josh Hamschmidt (HSG)

Johannes Tschiederer (HSG)

A combination of HSG Alumnis and special guests.

Clementine Robert

Anne Rümmler: 

Fintan Habig

Anna Kurth

Iñigo Schmid

Cirinne Rechsteiner: 

Fabio Allegrini: 

Simon Berthoud 

Credits: “Apolinário Passos – artist, machine learning engineer for art and creativity”