Liechtenstein based Think-Tank works on “System Change” with 70 international guests

Vaduz, 22 January 2019

The Transformation Think-Tank THE has successfully launched a yearly series of gatherings called “DAVUZ” in the capital village of the micro-state Liechtenstein this Monday (21/01/2019). Engaging with the momentum of the World Economic Forum that is taking place just one hour from Vaduz, they brought together more than 70 thought-leaders from four continents to actively inspire to “think without a box” and take responsibility for a system change. Each year the economic elite and international politicians meet traditionally in DAVOS, Switzerland, to talk about all kinds of topics, whereas this years’ focus lies on Globalisation 4.0.

A global village for global topics in “DAVUZ”, this is the vision of the co-founders of THE Rudolf Hilti and Christopher Peterka. Right before the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, the think- and action-tank gathered over 70 thought leaders from 4 continents “to intellectually hack the prevailing lines on the Digital Modern in regards to societal and economic progress. We aim at finding a strong narrative, that inspires these people and lets them travel to Davos with a radically open mind and an understanding about system change.”

Christopher Patrick Peterka, Co-Founder of THE, puts the aim of the gathering as follows: “We have to actively deal with societal circumstances. Cleavage and filter bubbles manifest ratios of unequal treatment and exploitation. Alternative solutions and views for a sustainable, progressive and fair culture are available. However, we lack of a great, passionate story that makes everyone fancy the future again: Make planet earth great again.”

One of the consequences of the transition to the Digital Modern Era, is that phenomenons like the globalisation and innovation take leaps, that are hard for humans to grasp. THE aims at supporting the discussion about pressing issues and inspire outside of Davos. “We are one click away from everything and are entering borderless times. With DAVUZ we want to prove what can be achieved with a radically open dialogue and joint forces”, says Rudi Hilti.

Reinventing systems & stories

The participants of the panel show the cross-disciplinary approach of THE Anna-Marie Harling (Co-Impact), Bruna Braga (MIT Solve), Malik El Bay (Dezentrum), Marc Buckley (UN SDG Advocate) and Richard Olsen (Lykke & Oanda) had a quick discussion on the topic “System change” before the whole audience got split into groups for a co-creation workshop around the same topic.

Christopher Peterka about the outcome: “For the time being, we can say that we need a fairer distribution of wealth, opportunity and power worldwide. “Think big, just do it, don’t talk but act” seems to be a promising formula for pioneering innovation. Personally, I see a long way to go. We have to find a liberal-progressive, technology-friendly and people-centered populism; but time is running out as backward-driven populisms thrive.”


THE critically convoys decision makers on their way to the necessary shift in perspective and world-view supporting the digital transformation towards the Digital Modern era. It is steadily growing a network platform for family offices, industry experts and creatives who like to believe that there’s tremendous potential in the Digital Modern era beyond fear and greed.

At THE we believe in humanity, open minds and courage beyond any limitations of heritage, gender, religion or party political interest.

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