Topic of the encounter: FUTURE. ENERGY. LIFE. with Christopher Peterka, Franziska Barth, Regina Fasel & Rudi Hilti


The very first “Applied Vision Transformation” session took place in Northern Italy end of April. We travelled to our dear transformer Pico de Lucchi in Angera and talked to him about his vision of transforming the energy industry and the way of individual living towards a more sustainable, decentralised power production system. In unconventional and relaxed settings we got to know more about his ideas and knowledge. Please see below for more information on our day in Italy.

Next steps: We are collectively working on a paper that captions our vision and we will share the output with you!

After we had begun the day relaxing at his family home, Pico led us through his premises and in to the city of Angera. Around noon we ended up at the tower top of the castle Rocca di Angera from which we had a look at the urban structures of the small town from a bird’s eye view. Enormous potential lies in changing our perspective once in a while as the context suddenly opens up to our understanding. Or – as in our case – the realisation that despite all the beautiful sun, most homes in Angera still don´t make use of photovoltaics…

We walked in silence for some 30 minutes away from the castle, reflecting individually on what we had experienced; a joint smile lit up our faces when we realised that a white dove crossed our way several times down to the lakeshore.

Over a fantastic pizza, Pico engaged with the questions and opportunities that come with energy sufficiency and autonomy for individuals in the Digital Modern era. The mere idea of the paradigm shift towards a decentralised power production network away from the ancient central coal and gas fires made him brim with enthusiasm.

At his father´s magical atelier, Pico explained his knowledge and ideas in greater depth. We set him up with Dr. Alexander Pagnia at his desk in Mallorca, Spain, who himself is an expert in energy business – and another transformer at THE

Finally, we rounded off THE APPLIED VISION TRANSFORMATION with a summary in order to prepare the final step: the vision paper and action plan that result from this collaboration.

Through the collection of these papers and plans, we build our potential solutionatthe THE

Together we create impact. Let’s move onwards.

What’s your vision? Let us know.