Energy & Storage

Roundtable 2, led by VDE Renewables, is focused on Energy and Storage. With a key focus of awareness into the the current market situation, the state of technological progress and existing challenges and barriers, we witness a panel of experts ideate on the potentials for the future.

Climate change and geopolitical turmoil require a radical transformation of today’s fossil fuel- based economy into a renewable energy system. Our current global energy supply (heat, fuels, electricity) relies about 80% on fossil fuels. The potential to produce green electricity also varies greatly geographically. Climate-related disasters are more frequent than before and are forcing governments worldwide to adopt mitigation strategies. Regulations to reduce greenhouse gases are increasingly stringent, forcing industry to adapt faster than ever before.

The future energy supply will rely heavily on “electrical competences” – from renewable energy generation to electromobility in all its forms. With massive demand and high energy use globally, storing energy goes hand in hand with production. As one scales up, so does the demand for the other. Thus, skilled workers with training in electric and electronic engineering are crucial to more sustainable, secure and reliable energy sources.

Unlike incremental innovations that serve an existing ecosystem, disruptive innovations require a large amount of money over longer periods of time. Therefore, having specific shared ‘lessons learnt’, help guide the industry into a more sustainable and realistically achievable state.

Led by Burkhard Holder (VDE)

Alongside Moderator Thomas Koller (VDE) 

Walter Kreisel (NEOOM Group)

Torge Wendt (Nordgröön)

Anke Weidenkaff Fraunhofer (IWKS)

Martin Jensen (GreenTEC Campus)

Bernhard Glück (THE HUS and The Combinator Ag)

Thomas Speidel (ADS-TEC)

Sweta Chakraborty (We Don’t Have Time)

Markus Forstmeier (EIT InnoEnergy)

Credits: “Apolinário Passos – artist, machine learning engineer for art and creativity”