Media release: World Systemic Forum 2020

Vaduz, 21.01.2020

Davos, Vaduz = DAVUZ

Liechtenstein Think-Tank pushes system change: THE competes with the WEF

On Monday, the think and action tank united more than 100 international people in the Alpine Rhine Valley in the second edition of the conference series “DAVUZ”. This year’s meeting, called “World Systemic Forum”, set an example of genuine new and re-thinking; in contrast to the Davos format.

The vision of the two founders is a clear one: A community of values as a global place for real systemic change. Together with foundations, private individuals and rethinkers, they developed the “DAVUZ” format into the World Systemic Forum. “The Forum functions as a shelter in favour of trust for courageous steps out of the filter bubble of outdated structures and mechanisms. Be it, for example, the new primacy of digital humanism or the idea of a globally functioning identity of every human being: Intelligence, empathy, experience, creativity, capital and determination — for immediate system change” says Christopher Peterka, co-founder and CEO of THE

In an age of exponential digital change, political polarization and the division of society,’s mission is to connect people across disciplines and generations and to encourage them to rethink. “Discussions on pressing issues and global challenges must take place between the movers and shakers, especially outside the common circles”, says co-founder Rudi Hilti.

We have instead replaced it with filter bubbles and preference-based perceptions of reality wherein we can now find everything we always wanted when seeking to fill the holes in our biography or identity by explaining the faults of the world. We would rather do this than find the solution and explanation within us. 

The various panels were filled with exciting personalities. The interdisciplinary approach was evident: Mossi Princess Abze Djigma from Burkina Faso (var.), Olivia Leiland (Co-Impact), Bruna Braga (MIT Solve), Valerie Khan (Digital Equity) and many other pioneers arranged concrete cooperation and new initiatives in the panels. The next World Systemic Forum will take place in January 2021.

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