THE 2018 - 1st September 2018

THE, Vaduz

Bringing people and visions together for a day full of joint inspiration and conversations around the Digital Modern Era in and around Liechtenstein and the world.

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We’ll kick off the day at THE around midday.

There’s different sessions around various topics!


  • Arthur Brock (US), Software Architect & Founder of  Holo/Holochain. He is a genius programmer and supports projects that accelerate the harmonious evolution of humanity.
  • Marc Buckley (DE), social entrepreneur and UN Sustainable Development Goal Advocate. His aim is to reform the agriculture, food and beverage industry with impactful projects and moonshot companies.
  • Reza Ghiabi (IR), Opportunity Maker, Founder of oppmakr institute. Reza is an entrepreneur who believes in a future where everyone has the opportunity to grow to their fullest potential and our collective ability to build that future together.

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WORKSHOP – Reinventing communities

  • …to improve human well-being and reduce environmental impact – an experimental workshop to redefine economic activity, resource consumption and increase peoples’ happiness by
    • Petrissa Eckle – Director of sus.lab at SusTec, ETH Zurich
    • Alexander Langguth – Head of Strategy & Partnerships at the Center for Sustainable Finance & Private Wealth, University of Zurich
    • Paul Wöbkenberg – Consultant for Systemic Change and Sustainable Organizational Development
    • Marija Spokaite
Täg (d)
Stunda (h)
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THE is a think- and action-tank with the mission of creating an holistic ecosystem for an ecologically as well economically sustainable present and future in the Digital Modern era.

During the last 24 months we’ve been gathering a unique network around THE Including 22 outstanding personalities from all over the world that commit to join us in our mission.


“We believe that the spaceship called earth upon which we still all depend for our mere survival beyond any fancy ideas of entrepreneurship, impact investing or even philanthropy is in a crucial state of health despite the good news of increasing literacy, women’s rights or democracy around the globe that we so happily appreciate.”