An “Exploration of Sustainability”: The first Co-Creation Day workshop in cooperation with the 20. World Business Dialogue in Cologne was a great experience. Our Transformer Nina-Anne Pahnke organised the workshop together with Christopher Peterka. On 6 March 2017 we had the honour of welcoming 25 students from over fifteen different countries for an “Ignition Dinner” at the co-working venue Wertheim. On the next day, three student groups explored the topics “CleanTech” (with Rudi Hilti), “Digital Citizenship” (with Christopher Peterka) and “China” (with Yang Zhao). The groups continued working on their leads on Slack channels.

We kicked off our experience by an “Ignition Dinner” at Wertheim in central Cologne with over 15 nationalities represented. Through his speech, Christopher Peterka lit a deep and effective spark to motivate the 25 international students attending the workshop. His presentation finished with a slide that stated: “We need to fall in love with the future again. Let’s swap panic mode for crazy love.”

On Tuesday 7 March the students worked on different tasks. Peterka’s group drafted different Digital Citizenship products for the Principality of Liechtenstein. The CleanTech group explored the potentials for sustainable development within the country with Rudi Hilti, who himself grew up in Liechtenstein. Yang Zhao discussed various challenges China faces at the moment with his students and they explored how other countries can learn from its development.


All attendees had the unique opportunity to witness a live call with Kaspar Korjus, Managing Director of Estonia’s e-Residency Programme. He stated that he can pay his taxes in seven seconds, and explained how it is possible to register a company online, perform e-banking transactions, access international payment service providers, declare taxes online, manage a company remotely, and digitally sign documents and contracts with their transnational digital identity. Some students elaborated on and pitched their own ideas for a digital citizenship product for the Principality of Liechtenstein at the day’s conclusion.