THE HUS. opera


THE HUS.opera, created in partnership between THE and Staatsoper Berlin, connects networks, inspires system change dialogue and looks to change perspectives for future possibility. 

Staatsoper unter den Linden was founded in 1742 and is home to globally renowned orchestra, Staatskapelle with it’s legendary conductor, Daniel Barenboim and concertmaster, Jiyoon Lee, the youngest and first female concertmaster. Staatskapelle is well known for its commitment to climate protection and welcomes THE HUS.opera on its World Tour throughout different continents.

Through hosting pre and post concert discussions, The System Change Foundation’s Institute for Imagination, THE, looks to inspire action towards systems change. 2022/2023’s calendar includes the integration of local and prolific visual artists, who host attendees for post Opera dinner.

2022 October, THE HUS.opera in Berlin, Germany

2021 November, THE HUS.opera in Zurich, Switzerland

2021 November, THE HUS.opera in Milano, Italy

2021 November, THE HUS.opera in Vienna, Austria

2021 November, THE HUS.opera in Athens, Greece

This event is funded and owned by The System Change Foundation. Please find more information here