warming up and debriefing of THE CONFERENCE in Malmö, Sweden

We fell in love with #theconf and their innovative creators Media Evolution a long time ago! Therefore, we’re super excited to announce


A place for knowledge sharing, experimentation with mind and taught. A challenging warm up and cool down for one of the most innovative and creative conferences in the world. Together with we’ll explore, discuss and analyse societal and economic #transformation by the means of blockchain technology in combination with #circular economy principles.

DATES: 3. + 6. September 2018

Rudi & Christopher of THE from Liechtenstein welcome you to a meaningful preparation of #theconf. You’re invited to get inspired by the vision to transform the entire nation of Liechtenstein into a 22nd century ready, circular economy through digital means to level up your own vision. We’re pretty sure you bring one to Malmö and that after #theconf, we can talk about how the topics and speeches moved you and what we can bring home and into action.

Together with Anne-Katrin you can distil your own questions before #theconf and go back to them afterwards. Find out what you’ve learned and how it adds to your vision or what shift in mindset you might have experienced. Take back genuine personal insight. Work on your matters of meaning at home with #theconf in your “mind pocket”.

Anne-Katrin Ahrens, an artist and designer from Berlin, co-creates the “visions sphere” with you that shall help you make even more meaning out of your attendance at #theconf. Beware: no pain no gain – Anne-Katrin asks you to do some homework for preparation to activate your mindfulness. Be assured it’s gonna be fun.

Rudi Hilti, co-founder of THE and a real Liechtensteiner introduces the Principality of Liechtenstein as a trailblazer in digital transformation with a special focus on the blockchain economy. Rudi will demonstrate how you might get aboard the platform and use it to fast-forward your ideas.

The German futurist and serial entrepreneur Christopher Peterka pushes for a radical open dialogue about change and innovation culture within organisations and society as a whole as he believes that the world is moving towards a digital feudalism quickly. Tap into his provocation.