Transformer, Lizanne Atherly, gets ready to co-host #BlackFutureWeek

TRANSFORMER LED INITIATIVES – Founder of Mind2Capital, Tech-forward, connector, entrepreneur, and Transformer, Lizanne Atherly gets ready to co-host #BlackFutureWeek next week, on February 28th in Berlin.

THE, hosts an impressive network of change makers, supporting the development of global systems towards new future realities. We are people centric, ideas focused, and we believe that good people surround themselves with other good people. We trust our network to uphold our values in their own personal networks and to honour their commitment to system change through honest intentions, open minds and to focus on creating possibility and solutions to current systemic issues limiting the world.

Lizanne Atherly, Founder of Minds2Capital.Tech, was an integral part of our network since the early days, and she is looking to draw attention to two important topics through the co-creation of Black Future Week event in Belin next week. Firstly, where do we look for our future focused ideas, what happens if we open ourselves to our extended network. Secondly, what are our hidden biases in where we invest our capital, network, and time.

“I’ve always wanted to do more to build a more inclusive founder/investor community and help close the funding gap for underrepresented founders, so that little girls who look like me can follow their dreams. As we all know, less than 2% of global VC funding goes to under-represented founders. So, instead of focusing on the problem, let’s talk to founders who know how to #getfunded!

At Minds2Capital, I am proud to partner with AiDiA – Afrodeutscher Startup Pitch , Founderland, and BlackInTech Berlin. The audience will comprise founders, ecosystem builders, developers, serial entrepreneur investors, and industry executives. We have an exciting line-up of fast-growing companies led by diverse founders, and winners of the Google Black Founders Fund grant from Google for Startups.”

Being one of the first to invest into system-changing ideas requires bravery, and what we as a network can support her with, is to encourage our own to invest their time and add this event to their agenda. When we asked Lizanne how we can best support her at this event, we concluded that having industry experts in the tech and investing sectors could add serious value to this event. Through storytelling, Peer2Peer Sessions with Founders/Serial Entrepreneurs and Shark Tank Style Investment Pitching rounds, this event looks to open doors to new voices, new visions and to empower action towards an inclusive and sustainable future.

An impressive line-up of prolific leaders has been confirmed speakers and attendees so far. Berlin’s Soho House and The Reed look forward to welcoming Solo Ceesay, Laurin Nabuko Hainy, Ropa M., Stephanie von Behr, Jag Singh, Leonard Konrad-Adomako, Ackeem Ngwenya, Benjamin Wilkening, Wossen Ayele, Woundioun Sissoko to name a few.

Lizanne’s Tech focused sessions on Feb 28th @ The Reed, Berlin: Shark Tank Investor Sessions


We invite our network based in Berlin or who would be willing to travel for this event to attend.

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