Our annual event gathers our Transformers, Program Partners and some of the most respected and influential minds of our time, to collaborate on answering the most pressing global issues. Hosted within THE HUS.mountain at VersuchsStollen Hagerbach in Flums, Switzerland, the World Systemic Forum builds bridges to foster collaboration through roundtables and experiences that sets the tone for a year of system change.

*Please note this event is by invite only.

Transformer, Wolfgang Fengler at the WSF 2022.

2023 Agenda : "No collaboration without communication"
We put a focus on collaboratively finding solutions for the most pressing issues of our time with clear focus, integrity and open communication.

Founder, Rudi Hilti. 

THE WHO: We are a symbiotic community of pioneers - we come together and pose new questions for which we do not necessarily have the answers to, just yet.

Transformer, Vilas Dhar.

THE WHY: We believe that current global systems need to be re-imagined all together. The act of questioning creates the possibility to explore and brings us further towards our goal.

WSF 2020, Flums.

THE HOW : Constant shifts lead to stability. create discussions and experiences that equip people to answer and respond to the question of "How can we continue to shift, learn, innovate and adapt to creating a stable present future for ourselves?"


The World Systemic Forum of 2023, led by our team at THE, our Transformers and Program Partners, will bring forward the core pillars of The System Change Foundation and set the tone for our 2023 agenda. Arts & Music, Sports & Entertainment, Innovation & Education and Society & Policy are our focal Program categories for Inspiring System Change in 2023

13. January 2023 | Location: Clinicum Alpinum  (Gafleistrasse 70, 9497 Gaflei, Liechtenstein)

Private pre-forum dinner with our Program Partners and leaders (via extra invite only) 

Topic for the evening: A dialogue of change- “Mobility without us?”

14. January World Systemic Forum 2023 @THE HUS.mountain (Versuchsstollen Hagerbach, Polistrasse 1, 8893 Flums, Switzerland)

ROUNDTABLE 1 : ENERGY & STORAGE-advancing renewable energy

ROUNDTABLE 2 : Education & Communication. We have to change the way we change-empowering humans to change systems .

EXPERIENCE 1: Changing Perspectives-how art and music contribute to system change (Art & Music) 

EXPERIENCE 2: Sports and the desire for excellence-bridge building for system change (Sport & Entertainment) 

EXPERIENCE 3: Behaviour change -from a carbon footprint to a personal carbon budget (Mind & Society) 

EXPERIENCE 4: Food Systems-the future of food (Mind & Society)

EXPERIENCE 5: Future living-space exploration (Innovation & Education)

The System Change Foundation 

VDE Renewables

Collectively (Blue Horizon)

Part Art Producers Platform 



Led by Dromos, we host a dialogue around how Mobility needs to shift environmentally and socially to overcome current global imbalances. How can we achieve a radical and fundamental change in mobility, to bring humans into centre stage, again.

Roundtable(s) 1, focusing on Education, led by minds at HSG, discuss the role of education in global development.

 With practice and belief in nurturing individuality, HSG explore the shift from mass-producing leaders for the status-quo to the curation of learning communities grounded on peer-to-peer learning, empowerment, and self-reflection.  

Roundtable 2, led by VDE Renewables, is focused on Energy and Storage. With a key focus of awareness into the the current market situation, the state of technological progress and existing challenges and barriers, we witness a panel of experts ideate on the potentials for the future.

Art and Music contribute to System Change in the most profound way. Our Art & Music Experience presents a unique way of experiencing human communication and interaction. With a focus to nurture new creation and creativity for the benefit for all, we focus on the result of inspiring change.

The ability for culture to free us from restrictive thought patterns can be a powerful tool in System Change.

The sports experience focuses on the role of sport as a “bridge builder” for systemic change.

The discussion will explore how sports can be used as a tool to promote social cohesion, inclusivity, and cross-cultural understanding.

Additionally, the panel will examine the role of international sporting organizations in fostering positive change through sport.

To change, first a change of mindset is required. To unlearn what we have learned, we need to establish different neuronal connections and practice them. Things only become tangible, as we give them sense.

At the example of Vlinder, a carbon investment company, the “Mindset Change” experience examines how we can attract capital in order to grow carbon offsetting mangrove trees. Even though Vlinder supports local communities with 50%+ of the carbon credits, the company can create a strong investment case. Carbon will be one of our future means of payment, carbon is the new gold.   

Mission Earth First leads an experience and dialogue about discovering what kind of systems changes is needed if we are to change towards self-sustaining communities on earth, to prepare for future communities on the Moon or Mars.

They dive into how education can contribute to these changes that might take several generations and what is needed to achieve this?

Lunch is served up by Collectively, an innovative, first-to-market platform driving sustainable food & beverages products for the good of the planet, the forum attendees gain insight into industry bending protein alternatives that reduce animal protein consumption in their daily routine. Where science and innovation are in a love match with food, conscious consumption aligns with the values of the forum.

Transformer, Antonia Cornaro

Transformer, Sweta Chakraborty


Mobility : Martin Dürr (Dromos)

Energy & Storage : Burkhard Holder (VDE)

Education & Communication : Jost Hamschmidt (HSG), Johannes Tschiederer (HSG Student Impact)

Art & Music : Anja Gossens (Staatsoper unter den Linden), Rene Spiegelberger (Part Foundation)

Sport & Entertainment : Martin Kaswurm (Chaka2)

Mind & Society : Alexander Spuller (Vlinder), Kai Lüssem 

Food Systems : Hector Freitas (Collectively – Blue Horizon)


Rudolf Hilti | Founder of The System Change Foundation

Hardy Schloer | Inventor of the Cloud Computing Technology & SDG Knowledge Vault

Rumman Chowdhury | Head of Ethics, Transparency, and Accountability at Twitter 

Sweta Chakraborty | Behavioral Scientist, Policy Advisor & TV contributor

Wolfgang Fengler | Lead Economist of the World Bank & World Data Lab Founder

Vilas Dhar | President of the McGovern Foundation



Rudolf Hilti | Founder of The System Change Foundation

Fred Hoffmann | Board of Trustees of The System Change Foundation

Christin ter Braak-Forstinger | Founder of Chi Impact Capital

Johannes Luiga | We Don’t Have Time

Irina Fedorenko | Co-CEO at Vlinder Climate

Moritz Vischer | Epistemologist and Engineer



Felix Amberg – THE HUS.mountain / Versuchsstollen

Han Admiraal – Marsmission / Mission Earth First

PRESENTING : The SDG Knowledge Vault

Hardy Schloer 

+ Mountain Data Center Expansion

Veronika Petschen / Antonia Coronaro


PRESENTING : The World Emissions Clock for the G7 summit
Wolfgang Fengler

Martin Clements | Former head of Technology at the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Rudolf Hilti | [moderator]

Christopher Peterka | [moderator]

H.R.H. Princess Abze Djigma | UN Special Envoy/ Burkina Faso

Marc Buckley | Activist an Resilient Futurist

Lorena Guillé | Cinepolis

Roya Baghai | High Resolves

Victoria Ullmann | Iocus Foundation

Aaron Gingrich | Iocus Fund

Rudolf Hilti | The System Change Foundation

Anke Brack | NZZ / Moderator

 Valerie Khan |

Silvia Bastante de Unverhau | Chief Philanthropie of Co-Impact

Bruna Braga | Head of Partnerships MIT Solve

Sergey Ivliev | Perm University Cryptolab

Sascha Gartenbach | Global Citizenship Foundation

Rudolf Hilti | THE

Christopher Peterka | / Moderator

 Alexander Spuller | Co-Founder of several distributed ledger companies

Manuel Krieger | Co-Founder of Sygnum Bank

Richard Olsen | Co-Founder Oanda Corp. (1997), Co-Founder Lykke (2013)

Anton Golub | Co-Founder of Flovtec

Rudolf Hilti | THE

Christopher Peterka | / Moderator



Please note our event is through invite only. Our event has reached full capacity for 2023. To all involved, please note the dinner on January 13th is only for our Program Partners, leaders and contributors. If you are unsure whether this involves you, please email

We only collaborate with people, corporations and institutions who share our global village attitude. If you feel there could be strengthen in a partnership for future programs, please email us directly. Thank you

Email for more information. 

14 January @THE HUS.mountain [Polistrasse 1, 8893 Flums]

Accessible by car or Public Transport
1. Train to Sargans
2. Bus No. 441 from “Zoologischer Garten” (next to train station Sargans) to “Heiligkreuz, Ragnatsch”
3. Walk 9min to “Versuchsstollen Hagerbach”

Recommended Accommodation in Flums for the World Systemic Forum:

1.Hotel b_smart in Sevelen

Directions to the Forum from Hotel b_smart Sevelen (about 45min via Public Transport):

1.Walk 2min to train station “Sevelen”
2.Train to “Sargans Station”
3.Bus no. 441 or no. 433 from “Zoologischer Garten” (next to train station Sargans) to “Heiligkreuz, Ragnatsch”
4.Walk 9min to «VersuchsStollen Hagerbach»

15-20min by car

2. Hotel b_smart in Gamprin-Bendern

Directions to the Forum from Hotel b_Gamprin-Bendern(most accessible by car)

25 min by car



THE HUS.mountain is located inside Versuchsstollen Hagerbach. Address: Polistrasse 1, 8893 Flums, Switzerland


The World Systemic Forum of 2023, led by our team at THE, our Transformers and Program Partners, will bring forward the core pillars of The System Change Foundation and set the tone for our 2023 agenda. Arts & Music, Sports & Entertainment, Innovation & Education and Society & Policy are our focal Program categories for Inspiring System Change in 2023

ROUNDTABLE I – The power of data – drawing the right conclusions

ROUNDTABLE II – Sustainable incentives for systems change

INSPIRATION ROOM III  – Space Exploration

In 2021 we took the time to build on our first forum and deliver a more inspirational in person forum, post pandemic. 


Transformer, Lizanne Atherly.

The Spirit of 'Davuz'
Each January, we set the tone for the year with a program series that begins in Vaduz, travels to Flums and ends up in Davos. 'Davuz' brings fresh perspectives into traditional settings and is the spirit that inspires bravery in tackling system change. Our 'Davuz' Program will be hosted during the WEF on January 16th and 17th in Davos.

Press Partners

This year we look to emphasise on our ethos of “No collaboration, without communication” by partnering up with like minded partners on spreading the dialogue and the importance of System Change. 

We are delighted to have some of this year’s World Systemic Forum 2023 and the private dinner the night before, filmed by We Don’t Have Time, the Stockholm-based broadcaster and social platform for climate action, aware_, Livekindly and VDE. 

The content will be broadcasted shortly after the Forum via the We Don’t Have Time platform and aware_, Livekindly and VDE platforms, including a variety of social outlets including Twitter, Facebook and You Tube. We expect a multi million audience for the after show film.

If any speakers or guests wish to not to be included in the film could they please inform the organisers by contacting Elsa Reichling at 

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