THE HUS.institute is a think tank to explore the transformation of the old economy into the Digital Modern era. We critically convoy decision makers on their way to the necessary shift in perspective and world-view supporting the digital transformation towards an economically as well as ecologically sustainable present and future.

Our focus lies on internationally proved and tested instruments of both scientific as well as radical explorative nature.

We consider ourselves being a platform both transdisciplinary as well as cross-generations for family offices, industry experts and creatives who like to believe that there´s tremendous potential in the Digital Modern era beyond fear and greed.

At THE HUS.institute we believe in humanity, open minds and courage.




Holistic system change requires a broad imagination span and momentum. With our diverse projects and events we strive for inspiring people to think without a box and consequently widen their imagination.


Years of interconnecting projects and endeavours we’ve built a wide web of network connections with projects, people and organisations fostering systemic change and a holistically sustainable present and future.


We bring people together under one roof. At THEHUS we are building bridges between generations, branches, nations, and disciplines. We are building these bridges to foster discussions and conversations about this planets most pressing systemic issues.


THEHUS.projects have all kinds of forms. We are constantly growing and adapting our web.


We ask you to take active part in our collective challenge to redefine what it means to be human in an internet of beings. We thereby strengthen the convergence rather than the separation of humane interests in living up to the challenges of the Anthropocene.


We need to talk about change. We need to talk about future scenarios and solutions. That’s why we set guidelines for these conversations and encounters to happen within.

Partners & MEMBERS




Organisations that look for access to thought leadership in strategic positioning within the Digital Modern era find this with us. Our corporate partners become eyes and ears with everything we do and think about by getting exclusive access to our research, projects and our community.

(N)GO that strive for association with a value based think and action tank that exemplifies new lines of thinking within existing structures in a cooperative, constructive manner find this with us. We organize a continueous dialogue that focuses on a mutual exchange of ideas and best practices based on data rather than prestige.

With the rise of AI already happening deeply within our daily pratices we celebrate human spiritualiy through concrete inclusion of multisensual and empatheic practices alongside our workshops, conferences and expeditions. Our spiritual partners benefit from our dedication to dynastic thinking in its European tradition that contributes to their holistic ambitions of a new global governance by heart.

friends of THE hus.institute