THE HUS stands for inspiration, innovation and systemic change. We are an enabler for people and institutions who aspire to creating a positive economic and societal impact. 

Our symbiotic community creates a membrane for like-minded humans and thought-leaders around the world to interact. We encourage our community to EXPLORE through continuous support and inspiration from community warriors and policy changers.

Our physical spaces are where our network of social entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, foundations and community members – meet, collaborate, co-create and find inspiration. Our HUS.spaces are an ever growing orbit of offline collaborative spaces,  for our online community.

THE HUS is on a MISSION with MISSION.S. We are proud to have THE HUS.institute flying THE HUS.flag as our everyday contributor and think.-tank. The annual World Systemic Forum is our sitting room for igniting discussion for real change. 

To improve the present and future, we must rethink and redesign the systems we have created. Together, we seek to re-imagine the future and create systemic change. 

Welcome to the community of people who are committed to the challenge of exploration and innovation.


Our mission is aiding systemic development towards a more circular future. We aspire to help human beings to understand the complexity of the Digital Modern Era. With that, we are paving the way to action. 

We critically convey decision-makers, opinion leaders and creatives on their way to the necessary shift in perspective. We support the digital transformation towards an economically and ecologically sustainable present and future.

We create offline spaces for our online community to rethink and redesign systemic challenges. It is our mission to create a global village to address global issues.

As pioneers, it is our mission to create conversation and to host environments that ignite questioning. The act of questioning creates the possibility to explore and brings us further towards our goal. 


THE HUS is constantly evolving into a decentralised community through independently organised locations and projects around the world. THE HUS and all its entities and forums are entirely owned by The System Change Foundation, a non-profit and non-partisan foundation in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. The System Change Foundation is devoted to expanding imaginations and connecting people; with the purpose of promoting sustainable development between the environment, economy and society.

Everything about THE HUS is designed to explore the transformation of the old economy into the Digital Modern Era. 

THE HUS consists of:

  • THE HUS.community An ever growing global community of forward-thinking minds linked both virtually and through gatherings in our spaces
  • THE HUS.spaces Global, collaborative spaces for our community offering services and amenities that support their work- such as  HUS.work + HUS.café + HUS.bar  (with more to come) 
  • THE HUS.institute A think and action tank powered by The System Change Foundation.
  • The Combinator A venture capital investment manager dedicated to generating positive societal and environmental impact through its capital allocation.
  • World Systemic Forum An annual forum for Systemic Change fully owned and funded by The System Change Foundation