IMPULSE: World Systemic Forum 2020

On Monday, 21. January 2020 we gathered over 100 international re-thinkers and change-makers at the second edition of an event series called “DAVUZ” in the Alpine Rhine Valley. We developed the World Systemic Forum to engage with the momentum of one of the biggest assemblies of politics and economics in Davos and also offer an alternative for human beings to engage in pressing topics around system change on various levels from AI to identity in a future society narrative.

IMPULSE: Values vs. heritage

Our economy and society are forced to revise and transform their ways of thinking due to globalization, the conventional overuse of natural resources, and demographic developments. New innovative economic models are emerging, such as the circular economy. Together with the possibilities in the “digital modern era” a new kind of connectedness and transparency arises as well as a chance for holistically sustainable developments – independent of geographic origin.