2023 WSF Program Overview

The World Systemic Forum of 2023, led by our team at THE HUS.institute, our Transformers and Program Partners, will bring forward the core pillars of The System Change Foundation and set the tone for our 2023 agenda. Arts & Music, Sports & Entertainment, Innovation & Education and Society & Policy are our focal Program categories for Inspiring System Change in 2023

Energy & Storage

Roundtable 2, led by VDE Renewables, is focused on Energy and Storage. With a key focus of awareness into the the current market situation, the state of technological progress and existing challenges and barriers, we witness a panel of experts ideate on the potentials for the future.

Climate change and geopolitical turmoil require a radical transformation of today’s fossil fuel- based economy into a renewable energy system. Our current global energy supply (heat, fuels, electricity) relies about 80% on fossil fuels. The potential to produce green electricity also varies greatly geographically. Climate-related disasters are more frequent than before and are forcing governments worldwide to adopt mitigation strategies. Regulations to reduce greenhouse gases are increasingly stringent, forcing industry to adapt faster than ever before.

The future energy supply will rely heavily on “electrical competences” – from renewable energy generation to electromobility in all its forms. With massive demand and high energy use globally, storing energy goes hand in hand with production. As one scales up, so does the demand for the other. Thus, skilled workers with training in electric and electronic engineering are crucial to more sustainable, secure and reliable energy sources.

Unlike incremental innovations that serve an existing ecosystem, disruptive innovations require a large amount of money over longer periods of time. Therefore, having specific shared ‘lessons learnt’, help guide the industry into a more sustainable and realistically achievable state.

Led by Burkhard Holder (VDE)

Alongside Moderator Thomas Koller (VDE) 

Walter Kreisel (NEOOM Group)

Torge Wendt (Nordgröön)

Anke Weidenkaff Fraunhofer (IWKS)

Martin Jensen (GreenTEC Campus)

Bernhard Glück (THE HUS and The Combinator Ag)

Thomas Speidel (ADS-TEC)

Sweta Chakraborty (We Don’t Have Time)

Markus Forstmeier (EIT InnoEnergy)


Roundtable(s) 1, focusing on Education, led by minds at HSG, discuss the role of education in global development.

 With practice and belief in nurturing individuality, HSG explore the shift from mass-producing leaders for the status-quo to the curation of learning communities grounded on peer-to-peer learning, empowerment, and self-reflection.  

Josh Hamschmidt (HSG)

Johannes Tschiederer (HSG)

A combination of HSG Alumnis and special guests.

Clementine Robert

Anne Rümmler: 

Fintan Habig

Anna Kurth

Iñigo Schmid

Cirinne Rechsteiner: 

Fabio Allegrini: 

Simon Berthoud 

Art & Music

Art and Music contribute to System Change in the most profound way. Our Art & Music Experience presents a unique way of experiencing human communication and interaction. With a focus to nurture new creation and creativity for the benefit for all, we focus on the result of inspiring change.

The ability for culture to free us from restrictive thought patterns can be a powerful tool in System Change.

Anja Gossens (Music)

Rene Spiegelberger (Art)

Apolinário Passos – artist, machine learning engineer for art and creativity. With Ai art on display within THE HUS.mountain 

Credits: “Apolinário Passos – artist, machine learning engineer for art and creativity”

Mind & Society

To change, first a change of mindset is required. To unlearn what we have learned, we need to establish different neuronal connections and practice them. Things only become tangible, as we give them sense.

At the example of Vlinder, a carbon investment company, the “Mindset Change” experience examines how we can attract capital in order to grow carbon offsetting mangrove trees. Even though Vlinder supports local communities with 50%+ of the carbon credits, the company can create a strong investment case. Carbon will be one of our future means of payment, carbon is the new gold.   

Kai Lüssem

Alexander Spuller (Vlinder)

Credits: “Apolinário Passos – artist, machine learning engineer for art and creativity”


The sports experience focuses on the role of sport as a “bridge builder” for systemic change.

The discussion will explore how sports can be used as a tool to promote social cohesion, inclusivity, and cross-cultural understanding.

Additionally, the panel will examine the role of international sporting organizations in fostering positive change through sport.

Martin Kaswurm (Chaka2)

Nasser Al Khori (Qatar)

Kirsty Burrows (IOC)

Credits: “Apolinário Passos – artist, machine learning engineer for art and creativity”

Space Exploration

Mission Earth First leads an experience and dialogue about discovering what kind of systems changes is needed if we are to change towards self-sustaining communities on earth, to prepare for future communities on the Moon or Mars.

They dive into how education can contribute to these changes that might take several generations and what is needed to achieve this?

Antonia Cornaro (Mission Earth First)

Han Admiraal (SCAUT)

Veronika Petschen (Mission Earth First)

Mars Hotel presented by Studio Pararaum by Meng Li and Linda Zhang.

Credits: “Apolinário Passos – artist, machine learning engineer for art and creativity”

Food Systems

Lunch is served up by Collectively, an innovative, first-to-market platform driving sustainable food & beverages products for the good of the planet, the forum attendees gain insight into industry bending protein alternatives that reduce animal protein consumption in their daily routine. Where science and innovation are in a love match with food, conscious consumption aligns with the values of the forum.

Hector Freitas (Collectively)

Like Meat Chicken is based on soybean protein and produced for the DACH, Dutch, Scandinavian, UK and US market. It is a portfolio company of Blue Horizon Corporation and its roll up strategy, the Livekindly Collective. 
New Roots are cheese products mainly based on cashew milk following traditional cheese making traditional methods. Being a Swiss company New Roots is a portfolio company of Blue Horizon Corporation 
Credits: “Apolinário Passos – artist, machine learning engineer for art and creativity”