THE HUS is an inspiring home for thinkers and doers from a wide range of societal, economic and cultural backgrounds with the ultimate goal of expanding the imagination of its residents around sustainable realities.


We are a platform and enabler that brings people together, not to simply talk about changing things but actually do so. As pioneers we provide the space to come together and pose new questions for which we oftentimes do not yet have the answers.

The act of questioning creates the possibility to explore and brings us further towards our goal. That is why we have created an ecosystem for open dialogue where new creative thinking with radical openness is embraced and encouraged.

We aspire to help human beings understand the complexity of the Digital Modern Era. With that we pave the way to action. We create a trustful offline environment for an online community to rethink and redesign systemic challenges. THE HUS connects a global village to address global issues. 


THE HUS is continuously growing into a decentralized community through independently organized locations and projects around the world. THE HUS and all its entities are entirely owned by The System Change Foundation, a non-profit and non-partisan foundation in Vaduz (Liechtenstein) devoted to expanding our imagination and connecting people with the purpose of promoting sustainable development between the environment, economy, and society.

Everything about THE HUS is designed to explore the transformation of the old economy into the digital modern era. We critically convey decision-makers, opinion leaders and creatives on their way to the necessary shift in perspective and world view to support the digital transformation towards an economically- and ecologically-sustainable present and future.

We founded a virtual community to create a membrane for our family members, like-minded humans and thought-leaders around the world. The focus of this virtual community is, first, to foster a sense of belonging to a digital humanism and community in all of those we reach with our endeavors. It is a radical explorative form of future community and digital citizenship. Together, we seek to re-imagine the future. To improve the present and future, we must rethink and redesign the systems we have created. Transformation begins with a mindset change, followed by policy and technological change. To achieve this we create a purpose-driven environment where performance is of the highest level, completely detached from the known; thus we originate new, more sustainable human-made realities!

The system change foundation

Non-Profit owner of all THE HUS projects

the hus institute

Think- and Action-Tank based in Vaduz

The World systemic forum

Annual Systems Change Assembly


The System Change Foundation and its allies have a strong interest in developing systemic solutions to systemic challenges. Our allies provide strong support and resilience in our mission. We are continuously looking for like-minded organizations to become Partners and Fellows. Partners support long-term planning by providing funds, access, knowledge, or other input to the foundation, while Fellows invest their time and take action for systemic change. The network, combined with new imaginable perspectives, makes a difference.


Partners and Fellows can engage in different setups all year long anywhere around the globe. Special access, new insights and radical openness for the Digital Modern Era provides Partners & Fellows with inspiration, visibility, and advanced perception.



THEHUS.projects have all kinds of forms. We are constantly growing and adapting our web.


We ask you to take active part in our collective challenge to redefine what it means to be human in an internet of beings. We thereby strengthen the convergence rather than the separation of humane interests in living up to the challenges of the Anthropocene.


We need to talk about change. We need to talk about future scenarios and solutions. That’s why we set guidelines for these conversations and encounters to happen within.