Roundtable 1:The power of data and drawing the right conclusions 

  1. Any sufficiently advanced technology is the same as magic.

1973 by Science-Fiction-Author and Physician Arthur C. Clarke

If we think it from the end: new technologies are never understandable, but you can use them by understanding their purpose or usefulness. Our smartphones are designed so that we can use them without basic knowledge of programming languages or online marketing.

  1. Where does our fear of new technologies come from?
    First of all it’s new- we can not see clearly what lies ahead and how to make sense of it. This creates insecurity and this leads to fear.
  2. What can be done about it?
    We need to understand that new technologies reduce complexity. Less complexity creates security. And we need to provide a framework for new technologies and ourselves in their use.


Roundtable 2:Sustainable incentives for systems change

Unlike the Enlightenment, where progress was analytic and came from taking things apart, progress in the Age of Entanglement is synthetic and comes from putting things together.” —Danny Hillis

We can no longer see ourselves as separate from the natural world or our technology, but as a part of them, integrated, co-dependent, and entangled.

  1. Should we fear or embrace this new relationship?
  2. Is our society still based on things that are too rare to be sustainable? And how can we establish a new mechanism?
  3. Should human behavior be guided by sanctions or incentives?


Thank you for joining us!