An optimist's point of view

It is not what can be done, it is how you do it. We nurture a culture of possibility, of openness for change and for embracing collaboration.

Our story is simple. We felt the world needed to learn how to deal with its complexity and that we needed to re-imagine and re-structure how we measure global success. Our mission stands. With guidance from The System Change Foundation, we have outlined our 6 focal P's for change. Purpose, Passion, People, Programs, Places & Partners.

THE has made it its mission to be an Institute for Imagination. We connect the most influential minds and Institutions of our time to re-imagine future possibilities, to inspire paradigm shifts, policy change, innovation, and to be positively 'disruptive' in inspiring system change.

We believe that breakdowns led to breakthroughs and we inspire those with influence, to create new future-focused paths to travel on. As a community, we embrace these moments to change global systems for the better, free of national interests, free of biases, without borders and without-the-box-thinking.

Stay curio.HUS with Rudi Hilti : Founder of THE + The System Change Foundation

Our focal Program Pillars >

1. Society & Policy

2. Arts & Music

3. Sports & Entertainment

4. Innovation & Education

THE HUS rules>

Nurturing our vision:

1. Be playful and ignite conversation : THE HUS inspires imaginative solution making and supports 'intangible' ideas. We encourage our network to join us in being BOLD in how we can create truly sustainable system change.

2. Take action and invite others to join : Be BRAVE and take your inspiration forward into action. Inspire others to do the same through your own.

3. Celebrate one another : Collaboration, passion and humanness is our superpower - let’s inspire greatness and redefine global success together. 

4. Be curious : We encourage our network to get to know the individual superpower of other network contacts. We create environments that ignite creativity, and our network is a safe space to think freely. We value and celebrate our network as being an inspirational thinking network.