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14. JANUARY 2022

System Change Assembly


Versuchsstollen Hagerbach - inside a mountain

world systemic forum 2022

Penumbra – the half-shadow. We are currently at a point of shift and change, globally. We are in the half shadow with the potential to step out into the light. Will we make it as a global community? What do we need from each other to achieve this? Constant shifts lead to stability – how do we continue shifting and adapting to create a stable present and future for ourselves?



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14. January 2022

09:00 - 17:30

Arrival 08:45 - 9:30 | Start 09:30

  1. Music moves us in ways that we do not fully understand and touches our subconscious in ways where other forms of media cannot enter. What role does music play in bringing us together to discuss big topics openly?
  2. Virtual Republic – ReState Foundation and TSCF have spent the past several months exploring the topic of the “Future of Democracy” and what that can and may look like. Let’s explore this topic together, as a Virtual Republic, without country boarders, with mindfulness and responsible global citizenship.

Speakers to be announced.

Terms of the 21st century often include data and data transparency. What data are we talking about? What are it’s possibilities, what opportunities does it bring us, what are possible dark sides, how do we ensure transparency while providing privacy in this modern digital era?

Speakers to be announced.

 – if you can visualize it, you can finance it

What is systemic change and how does it work? It is said that if you can visualize something, you can finance it. So how do we visualize systemic change? Let’s explore this topic together to envision our tomorrow.

the venue

Alpine Uniqueness

Inside a mountain:

the main conference takes places inside old tunnels (Stollen Hagerbach) inside a mountain near Sargans, Switzerland.


The home of our think- & action-tank in an old unique house in the Liechtenstein valley. 

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