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21 May 2022

Systems Change Assembly


A matchless place to meet within the alps

Our annual World Systemic Forum aims to connect people across disciplines and generations to encourage them to rethink.

Hosted within the bunker of THE HUS.mountain in Flums, Switzerland, the WSF aims to adopt the global challenges that we are faced with and bring together forward-thinking minds in igniting global shifts and encouraging change.​

Panels are led by some of the most influential thinkers and transformers of our day; where the hard topics are brought to table and an environment of no questions going unasked is celebrated.


This year’s WSF is titled “The Penumbra – the half-shadow” and we are looking forward to opening up discussions about how we can step out from the half shadow and into the light.​ Our agenda for the day is set, our mission is infinite and our network is growing.

The next World Systemic Forum will take place on May 21, 2022​


Constant shifts lead to stability – how do we continue shifting and adapting to create a stable present and future for ourselves?


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Causality is key to set information into perspective and wisdom emerges when the right conclusions are drawn from it. Drawing the right conclusions from data enables us to see and understand the consequences of our society’s doings and opens the opportunity to go new ways. Let us connect topics, people and initiatives in order to collectively work on data-driven enhanced future realities.


  • Hardy Schloer – Inventor of the Cloud Computing Technology & SDG Knowledge Vault
  • Rumman Chowdhury – Head of Ethics, Transparency, and Accountability at Twitter
  • Sweta Chakraborty – Behavioural Scientist, Policy Advisor & TV contributor
  • Wolfgang Fengler – Lead Economist of the World Bank & World Data Lab Founder
  • Iveta Lohovska – Global AI and Data Center of Excellence at Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Roland Schatz – President of the UN SGII Foundation
  • Vilas Dhar – President of the McGovern Foundation
  • Dalith Steiger – Founder of SwissCognitive

The System Change Foundation envisions the future as triggering best behavior through sustainable incentives and autonomous systems. There will be more knowledge and there will be more dynamics, and great potential lies in new organizational forms and in creating new selfsustaining marketplaces with a similar efficiency to how we manage data today. Instead of suggesting its own solutions, The System Change Foundation brings like minded individuals and organizations together to envision new bias-free realities.


  • Fred Hoffmann | Board of Trustees of The System Change Foundation
  • Christin ter Braak-Forstinger – Founder of Chi Impact Capital
  • Johannes Luiga – We Don’t Have Time
  • Paul Mackay – Co-Founder of Triodos Bank
  • Maximilian Zeller – Founder Carbon Removal Partners
  • Cédric Lombard – Founder of BlueOrchard and Impact Finance
  • Irina Fedorenko – Co-CEO at Vlinder Climate
  • Moritz Vischer | Epistemologist and Engineer
  • The SDG Knowledge Vault & Mountain Data Center Expansion
  • The World Emissions Clock for the G7 summit [by World Data Lab]

Our event is funded by The System Change Foundation and is by invite only. If you feel like you could add value to our day, please add yourself to our waiting list to become a potential WSF 2022 candidate.

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